A League of Our Own

It happens to everyone- you’re just about to sit down and have dinner with your family after a long, stressful work day. Right as you feel your overworked muscles beginning to relax, “BRRRING!” The telephone screams and your automatic response is to jump at the sound. You answer the phone only to hear a corny telemarketer on the other line trying to sell you something that you’ve never even heard of. You don’t bother to listen to what it is that this person is selling before you firmly tell them that you aren’t interested and hang up the phone. It’s the persistent, predictable, and insensitive telemarketers that have given telemarketing a bad rep.
While Intelemark’s name does imply a relationship to telemarketing, we are in a league of our own in comparison to those pesky phone calls bothering you at home. We are an outsourced inside sales team, NOT a telemarketing firm. What’s the difference? Intelemark is a leader in b2b communication taking telemarketing to an entirely new, unique realm. Our agents are all skilled and capable of high level business conversations with decision makers at Fortune 500 companies, as well as fledgling companies attempting to make in-roads in their respective markets. Run-of-the-mill telemarketing firms have one goal in mind: call as many numbers as possible. Once they get their prospective buyer on the phone their sole mission is to convince that person to buy whatever product they are selling. Once they hear the person on the other line say the words, “not interested,” they know that they can’t waste their time with that person because they need to be moving onto the next call. We take on a much broader perspective. We know that when our agents pick up the phone to call someone, they are taking on the face of our client. We understand that we need to positively represent our clients. Our agents’ goal when calling is to figure out if the person with whom they are talking has the need for our client’s product/service or not. If the answer is no, then we end the call on a positive, professional note and with satisfaction that we have conveyed the best possible image of our client.
Intelemark will never interrupt your family dinner or overwhelm you with nagging phone calls. Our agents are skilled, experienced, knowledgeable, and truly in a league of their own. They treat each person who they contact with the utmost respect. While telemarketing firms often take the approach that they will never talk to the person on the other end of the phone call again, Intelemark makes a point to end on a positive note to ensure that future marketing efforts will be well received by the prospect and will be a contributing factor to “top of mind” awareness for our clients product or service. Although we practically have telemarketing written in our name, we don’t even belong in the same category as that guy who called you during dinner. You’re business is our calling, we take that extremely seriously and we are truly in a league of our own!


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