A Message From One of Our Production Managers

As a Production Manager, I find myself very fortunate to work so closely with the professional staff at Intelemark.

From the onset of my career with Intelemark, I have seen the consistent efforts by our Founders to improve the company in every way possible. A quote by our COO: ‘We are only as good as yesterday’s production.’ How true it is! Management is truly committed to standing by this statement.

At Intelemark, we measure each of our agents’ performance on a daily basis. So, alongside the incentives and motivation we give our agents, we also have little tolerance for complacency. The satisfaction of our clients can only happen when they are receiving qualified leads on a regular basis.

It is amazing to see how all the different departments within Intelemark collaborate on a daily basis to ensure a successful campaign. The Data Department, for example, produces reports analyzing the performance of the data. Our proprietary system can produce several analytical reports, including a breakdown of which data sets are performing well versus data which is not productive and may need replacement. Our Managing Directors collaborate with the COO every night and analyze the performance of the agents to identify specific trends emerging across the campaign. Production Managers speak to the agents on an individual basis to see where they are finding difficulties and if an improvement can be made in the script or training. Meanwhile, and most importantly, our professional agents are ‘pounding the dials’ to find prospects who can benefit from the services of our clients. This is just a peek into the process and concern that every campaign at Intelemark receives.

This well-oiled machine has helped dozens of businesses increase their client-base; something that is only possible if our clients are satisfied with Intelemark’s results every single day.



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