Success Story

Our relationship with Scott* began two years ago when he was looking for a company to set appointments for him. His company is international and sells Network Security. Scott was interested in hiring an American company because the company is based in England and the exchange rate in respect to the British pound was significant. Scott hired us on behalf of the Western Europe Division. We started a Lead Generation performance campaign contacting decision makers as directed by Scott and we generate leads for the company’s sales staff to follow up on. Basically, we put Scott’s foot in the front door so that all he has to do is close the deal. Scott has been extremely satisfied with our performance. His satisfaction is evident in the two year (and counting) relationship we have maintained with him. Before Scott hired us, he was capable of generating approximately two leads a day. However, with us, he has ten agents on the campaign and they generate an approximate total of twenty leads a day. Not only do we generate ten times more leads but because of his qualifying criteria, all of the leads we generate are qualified leads. We believe that our success story with Scott is evidence of our worldwide presence and our ability to be successful no matter where our clients are located.

*Name has been changed


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