The Intelemark Difference

Welcome to Intelemark’s first blog! My name is Anna Goodman and I am a new member of the Intelemark team. I was recently hired as Intelemark’s first social marketing intern. In order to connect on a deeper level with our growing number of agents, clients, and other friends of Intelemark, I have been working hard on creating various social networking profiles; this blog being our most informative. It will be updated frequently and the blogs will consist of the latest in Intelemark news and other exciting and relevant topics. I have also been working on our Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and youtube pages. (Follow us on twitter at!) I look forward keeping in touch with all of our readers and I hope you enjoy our many blogs to come!
During my time with Intelemark, I have learned that it is a very unique company. We often refer to our individuality as “the intelemark difference.” With 13 years in business, specializing in complex appointment setting and lead generation, we are the experts in B2B appointment setting. We have a unique business model and an outsorced inside sales team with a ‘big picture mentality.’ In other words, our business process is designed to focus on providing revenue opportunities for clients.
Intelemark is keenly aware that a revenue opportunity will not occur unless our “first impression” is positive. We have evolved a rigorous and careful hiring process to identify any potential issues before an agent is assigned to a project. Each agent must complete three different psychological evaluations, two interviews, auditions and roll play scenarios before being assigned by Intelemark.
Beyond the agent testing, we require a minimum of five years of appointment setting/ lead generation experience and most of our agents have much more than that. The average age of our agents runs 42-45 years of age and all of our agents are capable of navigating a complex enterprise, articulating a value proposition, and having a high level business conversation with a decision maker.
Intelemark employs highly experienced production managers who are the liaison between the client, the agent and the company. These managers have, on average, 15 years of call center and appointment setting experience and are steeped in the intelemark customer centric approach.
Intelemark requires each client to participate in a weekly call with the agents and production manager to review any issues encountered ‘in the field’ and more importantly, to assess the quality of the appointments set or leads being generated so that we may continue to improve the opportunities provided to our clients. It offers our clients the chance to build a relationshp with their agents and gain comfort in their ability to represent their company.
On that note, we are currently looking for qualified agents! If you or someone you know works from home and is interested in applying for a position with Intelemark, please contact us and we will provide you with more information. Similarly, if your company is looking to outsource your inside sales team please visit our website ( or call us at (602)-943-7111

If you have any questions about intelemark or would like to contact me, I encourage you to email me any time at


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