Intelemark is the parent company of is the expert in generating new business for our clients through appointment setting. We are a company dedicated to providing businesses, both nationally and globally, with the premiere appointment setting and lead generation services available on the market. We are capable of setting appointments on all levels including “C” level, “VP” level, or “Director” level appointments. We are dedicated to setting quality needs-based appointments for you and your sales team.

Why is unique in that our only service is appointment setting. We have experience assisting companies of varying sizes. We understand the immense significance appointment setting holds as a marketing tool, and therefore we focus all of our greatest efforts solely on appointment setting allowing us to achieve our highest level of success for your benefit. We are flexible and extremely capable of understanding and responding directly to the needs of your company.

Our Agents
Our agents are extremely capable of carrying on professional conversation with high level business executives. They are knowledgeable and trained to help your company increase sales by cold calling generating qualified sales leads and setting qualified appointments. Because we are a virtual company, our qualified agents are located all around the country. Our virtual status allows us to hire truly the most qualified agents without being limited by where they live. Coming from an environmentalist approach, we are proud of being a virtual company because it illuminates our 40+ agents from commuting to and from work on a daily basis. Just like a good salesperson does when qualifying a prospect, our professionals ask the questions that are required in qualifying the decision maker as a good prospect. This important step in the process takes place before the appointment setting phase of the call is even discussed.

Data Expertise
At, we have our own software developer on hand as well as our own proprietary software that allows us to create custom reports on virtually any level.


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