Quality vs. Quanity

One question I am often asked when speaking with a prospect is “How many leads can you guarantee?” My response is always the same, “I cannot guarantee you any leads.” You can only imagine the responses I get at that point… sometimes an awkward silence, a loud click followed by a dial tone or just a scoff. Many times I will have a prospect ask me why I cannot guarantee appointments when 5 other companies they have spoken with say they can. Fortunately, there are also a blessed few who applaud my response and are open to hearing what makes Intelemark so different compared to the other 5 companies with whom they have spoken. I assure you there are many differences between us and the other companies (I will exclude names to prevent embarrassment on their end).
I feel as if my prospects have been lead astray by believing that any company would be a great choice if they can guarantee quality appointments without actually calling for that company first. Let me preface my next statement by saying that any company can guarantee they can set 50 appointments in a month. Yes, that includes us. But, what they fail to share with the prospect is that the “guaranteed” appointments they will be providing are also most likely guaranteed to not be qualified! Although my title is technically “Business Development”, it should be “Business Development and Therapeutic Ear to Prospects Who Have Been Burned by a Company That Offers Guaranteed Appointments!” I’m sure you can understand why I cannot use that title every day. Although I am happy to be the shoulder my prospects cry on and although I am thrilled to show them there is a company that will consistently generate quality appointments to their specifications, it saddens me to think of all the precious marketing dollars that are wasted on quantity vs. quality.
So what types of guarantees does Intelemark offer? Intelemark guarantees that your company will be treated as if it were the only company we were working with and that you would have a quality team invested in supplying quality appointments. We make certain our clients are communicated with on a continual basis. We will be checking and confirming the quality of your appointments so that you are not wasting time and money on unrealistic opportunities. Our big picture mentality and seamless integration with your sales team are incomparable.
In short… a word to the wise; it is better to have 1 qualified appointment that will generate revenue than 20 unqualified appointments that waste the time and effort, not to mention negativity that impacts morale… believe me (remember the Therapeutic Ear title?), there is no value in quantity without quality.


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