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January 21, 2010

Guest Blogger: Susan

January 21, 2010
As a production manager, I work directly with many of our ICs (Independent Contractors) on a campaign assignment. I also am involved with almost every IC in the interview and orientation process.

Every week I have the opportunity to feature one of our ICs in my Friday email message to our team.

We work in a virtual environment and this helps us gain a sense of connection and being part of a team.

The IC will send me a photo and a little bio that I can include in my message. I get thoughts from the other production managers about some of the virtues of the individual we are featuring. I look at reports and then I add my thoughts about the person.

The thing that really comes as almost a surprise to me is the fact that it is never a stretch for me to find good things to say about each featured IC.

They come to us with so many different backgrounds and life experiences but they bring many of the same attributes; great voices, determination, excellent communication skills, willingness to learn, wit, and wisdom.

Success Story

January 21, 2010

Our relationship with Scott* began two years ago when he was looking for a company to set appointments for him. His company is international and sells Network Security. Scott was interested in hiring an American company because the company is based in England and the exchange rate in respect to the British pound was significant. Scott hired us on behalf of the Western Europe Division. We started a Lead Generation performance campaign contacting decision makers as directed by Scott and we generate leads for the company’s sales staff to follow up on. Basically, we put Scott’s foot in the front door so that all he has to do is close the deal. Scott has been extremely satisfied with our performance. His satisfaction is evident in the two year (and counting) relationship we have maintained with him. Before Scott hired us, he was capable of generating approximately two leads a day. However, with us, he has ten agents on the campaign and they generate an approximate total of twenty leads a day. Not only do we generate ten times more leads but because of his qualifying criteria, all of the leads we generate are qualified leads. We believe that our success story with Scott is evidence of our worldwide presence and our ability to be successful no matter where our clients are located.

*Name has been changed

A Message From One of Our Production Managers

January 21, 2010

As a Production Manager, I find myself very fortunate to work so closely with the professional staff at Intelemark.

From the onset of my career with Intelemark, I have seen the consistent efforts by our Founders to improve the company in every way possible. A quote by our COO: ‘We are only as good as yesterday’s production.’ How true it is! Management is truly committed to standing by this statement.

At Intelemark, we measure each of our agents’ performance on a daily basis. So, alongside the incentives and motivation we give our agents, we also have little tolerance for complacency. The satisfaction of our clients can only happen when they are receiving qualified leads on a regular basis.

It is amazing to see how all the different departments within Intelemark collaborate on a daily basis to ensure a successful campaign. The Data Department, for example, produces reports analyzing the performance of the data. Our proprietary system can produce several analytical reports, including a breakdown of which data sets are performing well versus data which is not productive and may need replacement. Our Managing Directors collaborate with the COO every night and analyze the performance of the agents to identify specific trends emerging across the campaign. Production Managers speak to the agents on an individual basis to see where they are finding difficulties and if an improvement can be made in the script or training. Meanwhile, and most importantly, our professional agents are ‘pounding the dials’ to find prospects who can benefit from the services of our clients. This is just a peek into the process and concern that every campaign at Intelemark receives.

This well-oiled machine has helped dozens of businesses increase their client-base; something that is only possible if our clients are satisfied with Intelemark’s results every single day.


Potential Outsourcing Faults

January 21, 2010

When a company is looking to expand sales, a major decision to be made is whether or not to outsource. There is an obvious appeal to outsourcing: it saves a significant amount of money. Take Intelemark as an example. Let’s say that Company X hires Intelemark to make cold calls and set appointments so that their sales people don’t have to. Now, not only is Company X saving the money that it would cost to train their sales people to do what Intelemark agents are already trained to do, they are also now paying their sales people to actually spend all of their time focusing on closing a deal. Company X’s sales people are no longer spending time making calls and setting appointments but they are focusing solely on closing deals, therefore making Company X much more financially successful. Sounds great, right? However, successfully outsourcing is not always so simple. Inc. Magazine published an article in their January/February 2009 issue called “Outsourcing to Save Money? Be careful, or your plan may backfire.” The article discusses several different instances when CEOs began to outsource and found that they were dealing with a bigger mess than they started with. One woman experienced that the outsourced team that she hired created a variation of shipping mistakes and inventory shortfalls. After searching for alternatives, she discovered that she could have done the job in-house for half of what she was paying to outsource. This is one example of a negative experience with outsourcing. However, if this woman had done extensive research before she hired the outsourced firm she would have realized that it was more practical to do the job in-house and therefore avoided the problems altogether. The problems encountered with outsourcing are usually the fault of the client’s.
Step number one when considering outsourcing is research. If your company is outsourcing to save money, be absolutely certain that it will in fact save you money. Carefully analyze the costs involved. If one company is charging significantly less than another company it is tempting to be drawn to the less expensive firm. However, you always have to keep in mind that there is a reason for such a significant difference in price. Intelemark’s rates are based on the fact that our agents are experienced, seasoned professionals and not kids straight out of high school looking for beer money. Our agents consider their positions their career and therefore we pay them more and in turn they do a better job. Research the company you are considering hiring and hire them only when you feel absolutely confident that they are experienced and knowledgeable enough to fulfill your expectations. Ensure that the vendor you are considering is a compatible match to your company’s needs. Here are a few helpful questions to ask your prospective outsourced team:
Q: How long have you been in business?
This question is important so that you can get a feel for how much experience the company has. If they have been in business for twenty five years, there is a reason for their success. However, don’t automatically make the assumption that because they’ve been around for a long time that they are the right fit for you. Similarly, if they have only been in business for five years, you shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that they don’t know what they’re doing.

Q: What type of companies have you worked with?
It is not only important for them to have experience working with your type of company, but that your outsourcing firm has worked with an eclectic group of businesses. Knowing that the company you are considering holds this diverse experience assures that they are capable of handing any type of business.
Q: How long have you been working with your clients?
It is positive to learn that the company that you are researching has a history of long relationships with their clients. If your potential outsourcing firm is capable of maintaining relationships with their clients, it implies that their clients are satisfied with the work that the outsourced firm is accomplishing.

Once you are prepared to outsource, the next step is to precisely define the details in the agreement so that your outsourced team has a crystal clear picture of what is expected of them. An unclear contract is a disaster waiting to happen. Because an outsourced firm by definition is an entity “outside” of your company, they are unaware of what your company needs. Clearly defining your needs and expectations for your outsourced team leaves a lot less room for error. So, now that you have chosen and hired your sales team and created a precise agreement, the only thing left is to send them out into the world to do their job. After extensive research and clear communication, it’s easy to automatically take a big sigh of relief and assume that your outsourced firm knows what to do and how to do it well. While much of your work is over, a tragic mistake is to cut off all communication with the outsourced firm because you assume that they are on the right track. It is beneficial to all parties involved if you take just a few minutes periodically to check in and make sure that they are on the right track and performing up to your expectations. It keeps them headed in the right direction and helps you sleep at night knowing that they are successfully making progress. The good news is, as long as you have done your research and outlined a clear agreement, you can take a mini-sigh of relief knowing that your check-ins with your outsourced team will leave you feeling even more confident in their abilities.
Outsourcing is not always the perfect solution. However, if your company is careful throughout the process it can hold immeasurable benefits. In many circumstances outsourcing does hold great financial advantages. Putting the financial benefits aside, outsourcing can create an environment where everyone is left to focus solely on the most crucial aspect of their jobs. For example, if Company X were to hire an outsourced social networking firm to put their name out into the social media world, it would be a lot more successful than if they had given that job to one of their sales people who already has 100 other projects that he’s working on. The outsourced team works only on social networking and is extensively trained in doing so. Putting the job on top of an employee’s work load just deters him from what he’s initially supposed to be doing: selling. Therefore, Company X is now actually in worse shape than before they took on the Social Networking project. By outsourcing, they will be much more successful in the social media world and their sales person will be much more successful in his original duties. Outsourcing can be a great tool for any company looking to expand sales. It can be a much less expensive alternative to training people in-house. Our clients feel that outsourcing has held insurmountable benefits for their companies and with careful research and proper preparation you will too!

A League of Our Own

January 21, 2010

It happens to everyone- you’re just about to sit down and have dinner with your family after a long, stressful work day. Right as you feel your overworked muscles beginning to relax, “BRRRING!” The telephone screams and your automatic response is to jump at the sound. You answer the phone only to hear a corny telemarketer on the other line trying to sell you something that you’ve never even heard of. You don’t bother to listen to what it is that this person is selling before you firmly tell them that you aren’t interested and hang up the phone. It’s the persistent, predictable, and insensitive telemarketers that have given telemarketing a bad rep.
While Intelemark’s name does imply a relationship to telemarketing, we are in a league of our own in comparison to those pesky phone calls bothering you at home. We are an outsourced inside sales team, NOT a telemarketing firm. What’s the difference? Intelemark is a leader in b2b communication taking telemarketing to an entirely new, unique realm. Our agents are all skilled and capable of high level business conversations with decision makers at Fortune 500 companies, as well as fledgling companies attempting to make in-roads in their respective markets. Run-of-the-mill telemarketing firms have one goal in mind: call as many numbers as possible. Once they get their prospective buyer on the phone their sole mission is to convince that person to buy whatever product they are selling. Once they hear the person on the other line say the words, “not interested,” they know that they can’t waste their time with that person because they need to be moving onto the next call. We take on a much broader perspective. We know that when our agents pick up the phone to call someone, they are taking on the face of our client. We understand that we need to positively represent our clients. Our agents’ goal when calling is to figure out if the person with whom they are talking has the need for our client’s product/service or not. If the answer is no, then we end the call on a positive, professional note and with satisfaction that we have conveyed the best possible image of our client.
Intelemark will never interrupt your family dinner or overwhelm you with nagging phone calls. Our agents are skilled, experienced, knowledgeable, and truly in a league of their own. They treat each person who they contact with the utmost respect. While telemarketing firms often take the approach that they will never talk to the person on the other end of the phone call again, Intelemark makes a point to end on a positive note to ensure that future marketing efforts will be well received by the prospect and will be a contributing factor to “top of mind” awareness for our clients product or service. Although we practically have telemarketing written in our name, we don’t even belong in the same category as that guy who called you during dinner. You’re business is our calling, we take that extremely seriously and we are truly in a league of our own!

The Intelemark Difference

January 21, 2010

Welcome to Intelemark’s first blog! My name is Anna Goodman and I am a new member of the Intelemark team. I was recently hired as Intelemark’s first social marketing intern. In order to connect on a deeper level with our growing number of agents, clients, and other friends of Intelemark, I have been working hard on creating various social networking profiles; this blog being our most informative. It will be updated frequently and the blogs will consist of the latest in Intelemark news and other exciting and relevant topics. I have also been working on our Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and youtube pages. (Follow us on twitter at!) I look forward keeping in touch with all of our readers and I hope you enjoy our many blogs to come!
During my time with Intelemark, I have learned that it is a very unique company. We often refer to our individuality as “the intelemark difference.” With 13 years in business, specializing in complex appointment setting and lead generation, we are the experts in B2B appointment setting. We have a unique business model and an outsorced inside sales team with a ‘big picture mentality.’ In other words, our business process is designed to focus on providing revenue opportunities for clients.
Intelemark is keenly aware that a revenue opportunity will not occur unless our “first impression” is positive. We have evolved a rigorous and careful hiring process to identify any potential issues before an agent is assigned to a project. Each agent must complete three different psychological evaluations, two interviews, auditions and roll play scenarios before being assigned by Intelemark.
Beyond the agent testing, we require a minimum of five years of appointment setting/ lead generation experience and most of our agents have much more than that. The average age of our agents runs 42-45 years of age and all of our agents are capable of navigating a complex enterprise, articulating a value proposition, and having a high level business conversation with a decision maker.
Intelemark employs highly experienced production managers who are the liaison between the client, the agent and the company. These managers have, on average, 15 years of call center and appointment setting experience and are steeped in the intelemark customer centric approach.
Intelemark requires each client to participate in a weekly call with the agents and production manager to review any issues encountered ‘in the field’ and more importantly, to assess the quality of the appointments set or leads being generated so that we may continue to improve the opportunities provided to our clients. It offers our clients the chance to build a relationshp with their agents and gain comfort in their ability to represent their company.
On that note, we are currently looking for qualified agents! If you or someone you know works from home and is interested in applying for a position with Intelemark, please contact us and we will provide you with more information. Similarly, if your company is looking to outsource your inside sales team please visit our website ( or call us at (602)-943-7111

If you have any questions about intelemark or would like to contact me, I encourage you to email me any time at